Located in Shenzhen, China,MinerExpert is a company which can provide our customers with integrated service in mining industry, such as miner purchase and selling, miner hosting, miner repairing. We have established great cooperation relationship with the major miner suppliers (BITMAIN, MICROBT WHATSMINER, INNOSILICON, CANAAN AVALON, EBIT,FUSIONSILICON, BAIKAL and so on ). Customers can get whatever miner they want from us, new or used. We also have fully equipped hosting farms in the provinces famous for hosting in China, like Sichuan, Yunan, Xinjiang, Neimenggu, we already have over 1000 of our clients to host in our farm and we have been highly praised by our customers for our hosting service. Our aim is to provide our customer with high quality product and the best service, also we can advise our customer to choose the most suitable miner according to their electricity rate and budget. To choose Miner Expert, to get better mining experience.

Our Services

Miners Repair

We provide competitive, high-quality mining machine repair services in SiChuan, YunNan, Xinjiang, China.

Miners Sell

AntMiner, WhatsMiner, InnosiliconMiner, AvalonMiner and other brand mining machines, we can find whatever you need.

Logistics Serivce

we have a professional logistics team and provide competitive logistics prices and fast door-to-door delivery service

What Our Customers Have to Say

our Team

Grace Zhou


Alex Chen


Bella Chen

Sales Manager

Worldwide Shipping

Wherever you are, we can transport, safe and fast.

Best Quality

Whether it is new or second-hand, we will have high quality and high standards.

Best Price

According to the market price and your demand, give a most suitable and favorable price

Secure Payments

Crypto coin, such as BTC, USDT ZEC, LTC,or bank transfer, paypal pay for the miners

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